-> Fine Art, Stock, Objects, Backgrounds.

Photos for sale

- Fine Art.
- Stock and Backgrounds.
- Documentary.

For illustrations and decorations, in publications and domestic.
- Photos that visualizes and helps communicate your ideas.
- Please see the Galleries Main Page for collections, or the Web Shop for shopping info.

Creative Services

Graphics - DTP

- Web Design. Web Site design with the new CSS standard, that reduces loading times and size of transfer. Optional old fashioned Table or FrameSet page layout.
-> See the Web Design page.

- Graphic Design. Publishing for print and electronic media.
Layout, photos and drawings for desk top publishing.
-> See the Graphics page.

- Vector drawings for Decoration, Logos, Advertisements.
Or for documentation of projects, eventually with photo documentation.
-> See the Graphics page.


- Landscape architecture Photo manipulation for building permission application to the authorities. Made with maps, architect drawings and landscape photos.
-> See the Projects page.
-> See examples: The Hill top house. and Asnes, by the sea.

- Projects and Documentation From visualizing ideas to reality. Documentation with graphics, and calculations for building.
-> See the Projects page.
-> See the example: The Troll Castle.

Web Design

Graphics Department: | Web Design | Graphic Design | Vector Decor | Vector Logos

Website developing and maintenance

Web design with CSS Design - The future is here.

- CSS Positioning. Page layout with Cascading Style Sheets, for positioning of page elements.
- CSS separate style sheets for basic page and text appearance. By separating the html content and the formating styles, the html pages are much smaller. Html pagesize with CSS may be one tenth of a traditional html page, where html styles are embedded in the page.

Fast loading of pages with CSS! CSS separate styles reduces the all important page loading times. Users browsing the internet are an impatient lot, and soon moves to new pages, if the page loading are to slow.

Smaller sizes of transfers with CSS, when the user downloads the pages for display, is an added bonus with CSS. The size of transfers may be big if many visits the site. This may mean Gigabytes saved, for the users, and the server where the web site is hosted.

Maintaining is easier with CSS! Additionally, behind the scene; the CSS pages are much simpler to maintain, update and change styles. This gives much lower running costs.

Old fashioned Table, and FrameSet page layout?

If you want these technologies for the web site. We may also create sites with these older systems, if requested.
- But keep in mind, the bigger sizes of the pages.

More about Web design will come, but for now, enjoy a picture

- and please have a look at the galleries, and illustrations.

Galleries main page. Photo and galleries info.

Graphics main page. Vector Publishing and Drawings main page.
2 drawing exsample pages: Decoration drawings and Logo drawings

Or a little about the Company.

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    Horses and Tree in evening sun