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The Troll Castle Project

Projects department: Hill top house. | Asnes, by the sea | The Troll Castle | RockOpera Project | Scaffolds Projects

The Troll Castle, from visualized idea to reality.

Recreating an Ice Mountain from the South Pole.

The painter and multi artist Vebjørn Sand had been part of an expedition, and wanted an extraordinary display of his penguin and ice mountain paintings.

He wanted to recreate an ice mountain, The Troll Castle, on top of a hill outside the Norwegian capitol. It was intended to be seen in most part of the city, lit up in the night. His paintings was displayed outdoors in The Troll Castle for months, planned until the spring melted the ice.

But could it be done?...

...he asked his friend. Who asked us.
Based on some years of experience, we whipped out a simple freehand principle drawing, to illustrate how it might be done.
- He was pleasantly surprised, and happy that it could be done. Such was the beginning of The Troll Castle.

  • The initial drawing we made to illustrate how it was possible to build 60 meter high Ice Mountains. Including cathedral height inner rooms, for adventure entertainment.
    - The principles used in this solution of the Vebjørn Sand idea, was used by Kristian Alsaker in building the model.

  • The model had to be inspected at a near completion stage, to verify the principles of the model.
    - It was approved possible to build, by the construction engineers of SysConsult and Formdesign.

  • The finished model displayed in the atelier of Vebjørn Sand, for photographic documentation. In the back is the original painting of the ice mountain at the South Pole, that he wanted to recreate.
    - "3D Scanning!" The model was photographed for every 45 degree, 8 times around the circle. In addition, the position and heights of the towers were measured, for quality security and verification.

  • One of the eight photos have been into a drawing program, and the principle of the scaffold structure have been drawn.
    - Two heights inner walkways planned all around the circle.

  • Aerial view of the model. To the left is the planned stage. The main area is shown exhibiting his South Pole paintings, that had a world premier at this installation.

  • The aerial view model photo manipulated into the map of the building permission.

  • The building permission map was recreated in a drawing program. The height contour lines, and the circular red line for the permitted building. The height elevations are colored differently, to give an easy display of the situation.
    - The towers of the model is recreated onto the map, based on the model measures. To establish the rotation of each, and the relative distance between each. As well as all towers position from the absolute center point.

  • The 2D projection drawing from the simple 2D CAD program, was imported to a major freehand drawing program.
    - With the freehand drawing program, we twisted the 2D surface drawing, into an 3D ISO metric angles, preserving the proportions.
    - The towers were constructed in the freehand program, to visualize them and to be used for further calculations.

  • Some pictures of the finished project, from the official web page of The Troll Castle.

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