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22. april 2004:
- All pages are now opened, some are dummie pages.

Creative Services

Graphics - DTP

- Web Design. Web Site design with the new CSS standard, that reduces loading times and size of transfer. Optional old fashioned Table or the Frame set page layout.
-> See the Web Design page.

- Graphic Design. Publishing for print and electronic media.
Layout, photos and drawings for desk top publishing.
-> See the Graphics page.

- Vector drawings for Decoration, Logos, Advertisements.
Or for documentation of projects, eventually with photo documentation.
-> See the Graphics page.


- Landscape architecture Photo manipulation for building permission application to the authorities. Made with maps, architect drawings and landscape photos.
-> See the Projects page.
-> See examples: The Hill top house. and Asnes, by the sea.

- Projects and Documentation From visualizing ideas to reality. Documentation with graphics, and calculations for building.
-> See the Projects page.
-> See the example: The Troll Castle.

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Fine Art and Stock Photos for sale.

New Photos on order, for special needs.

For illustrations and decorations, in publications and domestic.
- Photos that visualizes and helps communicate your ideas.

Photo Quality

High resolution 300 dpi in Jpeg or Tiff file formats. Format choice may be influenced by the choice of delivery, and the time factor.
- Online delivery of Photos; are cheapest and have the fastest delivery.
- Postal services delivery; an alternative with photos on CD.

Web Shop
The main shop area with general info. Please visit the Web Shop for details.

Photo Shop.
Please visit our Photo Shop. Good bargains on Photos, for publishing and decoration.

Graphic Shop.
- Web Site developement and maintenance ordering.
- Graphics Design and illustrations for publishing.
- Please visit our Graphic Shop. Low prices on Graphics services for electronic and print publishing.

Photo sections

Fine Art

Artistic, gallery quality, photos. These are aimed at domestic and corporate wall hanging decoration. Or for printed media like glossy high quality magazines.
- Enjoy the Art Color 1, Art Color 2 and Art Black-White 1 galleries.

Stock Photos

General category of high quality photos, for publication in print, or in electronic publications. Many of these might also be used for decoration.
- Enjoy the Nature 1, Nature 2, Black-White 1, and the Documentary 1 Industry and Technology and Documentary 2 People and Lifestyle galleries.

Background Photos

Structural and fabric themes with monotonous content, for minimal disturbance of the front end content.
- For background illustrations in printed or electronic publications. Also artistic ones that might be used in domestic decoration, for tranquility and peace of mind.
- Please see the Backgrounds gallery.

Object Photos

Single objects, close-ups or groups of objects with one theme. To illustrate specific objects, ideas or themes.
- For illustrations in printed or electronic publications.
- Please see the Objects gallery.


Both culture, geography and industry documentary photos.
- For illustrations in publications or domestic.
- Please see the Documentary 1 - industry and technology, and Documentary 2 - people and lifestyles galleries.

New Photos on order. - Special Photo Service.

If there is need for special photos, themes or motives not present in the stock, we may photograph new ones in most categories, on order.
- Please see the New Photos, Photos on order page.

An alternative if you need other motives. Be it special objects for product presentation. Photos for presentation of your company.
- If you have any illustration ideas or requests, just ask an we will try help to fulfill your need, finding the right type of illustrations.
- Please see the Galleries page for details.

We have photographic experience from Fine Art, Freelance, Photographer Studio, Newspapers, Magazines. Also specialized in Nature, Industry, Portraits and Objects.
- Please see the Company page for details.

Photos and Graphics

Photos by Formdesign
We may supply you with Photos, and other graphical illustrations, for visualizing your ideas.
- Mainly all photos are created by the Formdesign photographer. But we intend on bringing in new external photographers, which will then have their own galleries.
- See further details at the Galleries Department page.

Graphic design and publishing.
Our services includes web design developing, and publicizing for print and CD-ROM.
Desktop publishing for electronic and print media. Photo, drawing and picture illustrations, for publications and decorations.
- Further details at the Graphics Department page.
- For vector drawings examples, please see the Decoration drawings page, and the Logos drawings page.

Projecting - house building.
Illustrations and documentation for your house building permission application. This may be a deciding factor in having it approved by the authorities.
- Please see the Projects Department page, and the two previous project works: Hill top house, and Asnes, by the sea.

Projecting - idea visualizing.
Visualizing from idea to reality, documented with drawings. Modeller used these. Then, from our "Photo 3D Scanning" of the model, we made drawings of the model, which was then used to construct, calculate and document for the 25 m high Ice Mountain.
- Please see the Projects Department page, and enjoy the pictures and history at the The Troll Castle. page.

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