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- Fine Art.
- Stock and Backgrounds.
- Documentary.

For illustrations and decorations, in publications and domestic.
- Photos that visualizes and helps communicate your ideas.
- Please see the Galleries Main Page for collections, or the Web Shop for shopping info.

Creative Services

Graphics - DTP

- Web Design. Web Site design with the new CSS standard, that reduces loading times and size of transfer. Optional old fashioned Table or FrameSet page layout.
-> See the Web Design page.

- Graphic Design. Publishing for print and electronic media.
Layout, photos and drawings for desk top publishing.
-> See the Graphics page.

- Vector drawings for Decoration, Logos, Advertisements.
Or for documentation of projects, eventually with photo documentation.
-> See the Graphics page.


- Landscape architecture Photo manipulation for building permission application to the authorities. Made with maps, architect drawings and landscape photos.
-> See examples: The Hill top house. and Asnes, by the sea.

- Projects and Documentation From visualizing ideas to reality. Documentation with graphics, and calculations for building.
-> See the example: The Troll Castle.

Projects department

Projects department: Hill top house. | Asnes, by the sea | The Troll Castle | RockOpera Project | Scaffolds Projects

Projects, from visualized ideas to reality.

Photomanipulation for house building.

Photomanipulation and Landscape Architecture, for house building permission applications. With Illustrations and documentation as an option.

Ducumentation for projects.

Project visualizing from idea to reality. Documentation with photos, drawings, and calculations.

Hill top house. Building project.

Photo manipulation for a building application to the authorities. To visualize the building in the landscape, at a hill top, and using this as documentation and consequence analyze for the finished house.

Instead of using a model, as in the Asnes project below, the client opted for a photomanipulation project. Made from map, architect drawings and landscape photos.

Added benefit for client is that it was easy to change the colors of the digital colored house drawings. Client changed roof, walls and frames colors after seeing the original wanted colors. For a small extra fee.

Four different skies with clouds were manipulated into the landscape photos, to make them more turbulent. To give an impression of a lesser impact of the house into the landscape.

- Please see the Hill top house project for more details and pictures.

Asnes, by the sea. Building project.

Landscape architecture. Example on photo manipulation and landscape calculations. Photos from an expensive model was used, together with architect drawings, maps and photos from the landscape.

This project was made in connection with an application for building permission. A first plan, including the model, for a 645 square meter house, 11 meters from the sea.

The initial application released two more building applications. Consequence analyze of this project shows how the houses would be situated in the landscape. It shows the initial building only, and also all thre building projects, in photos and drawings with measures.

The purpose of this consequence analyze was fulfilled, for this specific house. The building permission was appealed with this documentation, and some more. The higer local authority still permitted building. But when appealed to the county building and nature preservation authorities, the building was rejected. And could not be appealed to higher uthorities.

Documentation may be used, both to stop building down the nature as in this case. And as a way to build down the nature. Seen above in the Hill top house.

- Please see the Asnes, by the sea project for more details and pictures.

The Troll Castle. Idea to reality project.

A project for Vebjørn Sand, the famous painter and multi artist.

Example on idea developing. We projected 45 meter high ice covered ice mountains, based on one of his paintings from the South Pole.

Initially visualizing the idea, how it could become reality.
- The model builder, Kristian Alsaker, used this drawing to make the principal model. Then, from our "3D Photo Scanning" of the model, we made drawings of the model. These drawings was then used to construct, calculate and document, for the resulting 25 m high Ice Mountain.

- Please see the The Troll Castle project for more more details and pictures.

The Rock Opera - The Midnight Forest.

Scaffold and building drawings for planning the RockOpera.

To show construction solutions at various locations. For The Rock Opera - The Midnight Forest. Created by the band Northwind.

The Rock Opera at an outdoor stage, with roof construction, at an international opera festival.

The Rock Opera Inside an old cinema, where a challenging light array scaffold were constructed and calculated.

- Please see The Rock Opera project page for more details and pictures.

Scaffolds Projects.

Scaffold solutions drawings for planning.

Some nice scaffold solution drawings, on how things can be done.

- Please see the Scaffolds Projects page for more details and pictures.

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